Artemide, one of the global leaders of the residential illumination sector, is always synonym with design, innovation and made in Italy.

Factory – Research and testing on lighting concept, innovation and technology in light control and management, great attention to environmentally sustainable materials and, in general, to ecological requirements, and a deep-rooted devotion to design are values which distinguish Artemide and represent the ideas on which his products are based.

In the heart of this activity is the Giacinto Gismondi centre of innovation in Pregnana Milanese. With it optics division, electronics projects, materials and luminary sources, the centre develops and sharpens every new product from concept to industrial production, in order to guarantee best results in regards to quality and international standards.

In 2015 a new Centre for innovation was established, equipped with certified labs, to support all the steps of product development, from research through to market launch. The lab is staffed with qualified technicians trained to perform photometric tests, electrical and electromagnetic safety tests (the lab is eligible for IMQ and UL certification), mechanical tests, as well as tests on the quality of materials and finishes.

The company’s outstanding manufacturing know-how was developed in time and constantly updated in the light of new technologies, both at the manufacturing unit in Pregnana Milanese and at the other factories of the group in Telgate (BG) and Venice, Italy; St. Florent, France; and Paks, Hungary. Vision, values, research, competence, and manufacturing skills translate into the design of beautiful, timeless products.