Specialized niche provider

The Spichtig Group is an over 60 years old family business with innovative, entrepreneurial tradition. The group includes the companies: Spichtig Inc. in Steinen SZ and styro GmbH in Schillingsfürst, Germany. As a manufacturer and supplier to the office sector we develop and manufacture filing systems and sorting stations under our brand Styro. A further and important line of business for our company is Swissmail, the complete programme for the organisation and creation of mail sorting stations for large companies and SMEs.

Styro «perfect filing»
Styro products are characterised by a clever construction and fastening technique, that permits the greatest diversity and offers huge logistic benefits for traders. Also legendary are the precise engineering and the durability of the products.

As an environmentally aware company we use, wherever possible, regenerated polystyrol. A number of our ecological products carry the German prestigious «Blauer Engel» (Blue Angel) environmental Label.