Aquarius H

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Aquarius HV forms part of the versatile locker series Aquarius H. The sleek body is finished in white. The doors are available as standard in white, black, light grey and medium grey. Doors and side panels are available for a supplement in approximately 150 different colours and wood effects. The models come with black metal plinths and adjustable feet.

Clothing, bags and other items can be neatly stored in the Aquarius HG. These clean design wooden clothing lockers have a handy clothes bar coat hangers and ventilation holes. The doors and side panels are available in more than 100 wood effects and Pfleiderer solid colours.


Aquarius HV2406
Aquarius HV2405
Aquarius HV2404P
Aquarius HV2403P
Aquarius HV2306P
Aquarius HV2305P
Aquarius HV2304P
Aquarius HV2303P
Aquarius HV1406P
Aquarius HV1405P
Aquarius HV1404P
Aquarius HV1403P
Aquarius HV1306P
Aquarius HV1305P
Aquarius HV1304P
Aquarius HV1303P
Aquarius HG1402P
Aquarius HG1401P
Aquarius HG1302P
Aquarius HG1301P
Aquarius HG2402P
Aquarius HG2401P
Aquarius HG2302P
Aquarius HG2301P

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